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Powder Coating Leicester

LPE Powder Coating Leicester

If you are looking for an extremely durable and scratch resistant surface for your metalwork, then consider Powder Coating Leicester.  Done correctly, it is a tough, durable coating and resists chipping.

The Powder Coating Process

With Powder Coating a finely ground powder is sprayed from a gun. Electrostatic charges are applied to the powder which is attracted to the item to be coated.

Powder CoatingThe item is then baked at approximately 200°C in an oven where the powder melts onto the product giving even and colour consistent finish.

Experience at the Powder Coater Leicester

Our Operations Director has over 25 year experience in the industry as a fabricator and powder coater which allows us to identify specific needs of our customers.

Accurate Quotation for Powder Coating

Clean MetalOur systems of work allows us to provide accurate job-quote by measuring the areas to be coated. This also gives perfect continuity for repeat orders.

Quality Powder Coating Leicester

Quality underpins our processes.  We have total traceability of all the powders used.

We work in accordance with our ISO9001-2008 total quality assurance systems. To ensure total raw material traceability and in process inspection at every stage of production

Red Powder Coating

Due to the state of the art Powder Coating plant we have we can constantly monitor the substrate i.e. material temps to ensure full curing and adhesion of powders.


Our state of the art phoswash automatic degreasing and pretreatment plant ensures that products are thouroughly cleaned and a phosphate coating is applied to increase the longevity of any subsequently coated items and removes the risk of flash rusting prior to coating.

Powder Coater Leicester Capacity

We have a larger capacity then any of our local competitors due to our 8m x 3m x 3m oven. This gives us the versatility of carrying out work from a small bracket-work to much larger structural steel.